Financial Security through Structured Settlement Payments

A structured settlement is a financial agreement whereby the claimant gets paid through regularly scheduled payments. The payments are part of a court settlement whereby one does not get the lump sum payment but settles for a fixed period of time or lifetime. Structured settlements are offered to the claimant after they have won a lawsuit against an institution, company, individual or organizations. Claimants looking for a steady stream of income can opt to have the compensation money paid over a specific period of time. Depending on the individual involved in the suit the payments made be made in annual, quarterly or semi-annually. Structured settlements were first used in the 1970s in the U.S and Canada to pay injured people. Claimants getting a huge payout and are comfortable with a continuous payment plan. Depending on the settlement an initial payout may be sent to cover for damages or injuries on the claimant.

Why sell your structured settlement

Should I sell my structured settlement? There are several factors that might push an individual to sell their structured settlement payments. Financial constraints requiring urgent financing might lead one to sell their structured settlement. Selling may also give an individual financial flexibility and they can participate in other wealth building activities.

Financial markets are a great way of increasing one’s earnings. Earnings from structured settlements might not be giving one enough to reap big in the financial. Based on your settlement agreement, one can look for a great deal that has their financial interest at heart. The financial markets is a good way of stepping into financial freedom and increased financial security. You can look for financial experts who will help you invest your money wisely. The financial market is a booming area and has a lot of risks involved with it. Your finances are boosted when you sell your settlement payment.

Others might opt to sell the payment when they are in need for a lump sum payment. The extended payment period might hamper with financial spending plans. Selling your structured payment plan is a great way of getting all your money out. The lump sum payment may help you accomplish most of the projects in time. The lump sum payment gives you financial muscle that helps you accomplish all that you wish to achieve. You can use the payment in acquiring property, investing in startups and many more projects.

Companies where you can sell your structured settlement

The final step to selling your structured settlement involves identifying the right institution or insurance agency. Some of the top companies that one can contact and get agreement include Olive Branch Funding, JG Wentworth, SenecaOne. Each of the mentioned companies has representatives who are interested in striking a great deal. Here is a brief breakdown of each institution.

  1. JG Wentworth: JG Wentworth is a leading investment company that buys settlement payments. JG Wentworth has a team of financial consultants who will help you strike the best deal. The company uses a variety of methods to get the final value of the payment you get. Visit the firm’s offices or reach them through their website to get the best deal.
  2. Seneca One: Seneca one is a final consultation firm that deals with the settling of structured settlements. Individuals seeking for a lump sum payment as opposed to periodical payments can reach the company. The company has offices across the country and a good team of professionals looking to help you get your lump sum payment.
  3. Olive Branch Funding: Olive Branch Funding specializes in changing people’s lives by resolving their financial needs. The firm focuses on paying your lump sum payment and handling the settlement. Visit their office or give them a call to strike a deal. The firm has financial consultants who assess your settlement plan and finally, you can settle on a good deal.

You can try out each of the financial institutions and get a better deal. Each company might be using a variety of factors to calculate the final payout you are looking for. Courts will always agree with this arrangement and you can also seek your own legal representation. The companies will offer to sort out your paperwork as they are taking this legal responsibility from you. Once you identify a particular company, focus on striking an agreement with great benefits. This lump sum payment helps you achieve financial security.

A Guide to Buying Houses – What is The Proper Way of Buying Your Own House?

Most people think it is easy to buy a house. You look for a place you like, see if you can afford it, and invest. Simple, right? Actually, no, it is not that simple. Buying a house is a skill which you learn before finally making the big decision. It is not something you can do without any type of deep planning and information. If you are not a millionaire, chances are that your house is going to be the biggest purchase of your life. You invest a huge amount of money in a house which is the reason why the chances of making mistakes is also quite high. Now, since your home is such an important purchase of your life, you wouldn’t want to make any major mistakes. These could prove to make your life difficult and leave you with regrets.

Clear up your thought process

Now that it is clear how important it is to be careful when purchasing a house, this post will teach you what you should do to find and purchase your ideal home. The first and foremost thing you need is a calm mindset and a rational thought process. Yes, it is very easy (in fact, too easy) to start associating your home with emotions and a place you create memories. Despite this, you need to bring your head down back to the ground and start seeing buying a house as a transaction. In rational terms, that is what it is. Purchasing a house is a huge transaction and you have to have a business person’s mind for it. You are not a mother or a father, a husband or a wife, a sister or a brother, you are a person of business who needs to conduct a very important transaction. You have to be a strong and rational person before you go ahead with the process of purchasing your own house.

Look for the right location

After you have cleared up your head and made sure that you understand the gravity and importance of the situation, you now go ahead and look for a location which suits you. It is important that you look for an ideal location before you look for an ideal house because the location you choose will have a huge impact on various aspects of your life. Where you live is more important than in what way your house is constructed which is why you need to browse through a series of locations which look good to you. How to choose the best location? Which place is the best for your life?

The answers to these questions can be answered by considering a few things about your lifestyle and financial status.

  • Imagine you don’t have any personal vehicle and have to travel by walking
    • The first thing when looking for the right location is to imagine that you don’t have any cars, bikes, or whatever and will have to get around on your own two feet.
    • Even if you do have a car, it is important to think this way because you don’t want to be spending all day burning fuel just to get some groceries.
    • Now that you don’t have any vehicle in your imagination, how will you get around to different places of necessity? How long will it take for you to get to the supermarket, to drop your kids school, to get to your workplace?
    • Calculate the distance of public amenities and useful places from your location and if everything seems valid if you are sans you vehicle, the location is all right and can be shortlisted for a final decision.
  • Can you afford living in this location?
    • Some locations are more expensive than other – this is a fact we are all aware of.
    • Living in certain societies can cost a lot more money which is why you need to ask yourself this one question – is it really worth investing money just so I can live in this location?
    • List out the pros and cons of the locations you like, see if you can find cheaper alternatives somewhere else, and move on to the next step.

Should you rent or buy?

Rent vs buy is an ongoing debate and the answer never seems to be straightforward. While many people say renting is useless and buying is much better since you build equity, when it comes to saving money, rent is a better option.

In a very concise way, the question can be answered simply based on the type of location you choose. If you go for an expensive location, you should rent as it will save much more money but if you are going to live in a more affordable location, buying trumps renting.

Make the process easy and just use this calculator to see which option is best for you. Did you know if you have an annuity you could cash it in to give you more leverage? There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to either renting or buying a home.

Go for a fixed upper

A brand new and fancy luxury house seems like a great idea to many of us but the reality is that a fixed upper will also be just as good. The difference between a fancy luxury house and a house which needs repair is great. A house which needs some fixing may seem like a pain but investing in it is much smarter. The cost of renovation, no matter how high, will always be lower than the difference between the prices of a fancy luxury place which is why you will save money by going for fixed upper.

Don’t pay attention to smaller details which can be easily altered

You enter a house for inspection. The location is great, the house looks good from the outside, and everything is fine but as soon as you enter the house, it smells bad. The carpet is moldy, the walls look ugly, and the furniture is creaky and old. So, you decide to not purchase this house because it smells and feels awful. However, this is a very bad way to make the decision because these things can be altered and one should not give up on a good deal for things like these.